Thailand Age Group Swimming Championships 2019 (5-10 April 2019)
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2018-19 Div.III Age Group Short Course Swimming Competition Part 2
Results (Updated on 30/1/19)
2018-19 Short Course Masters Swimming Competition (Part 2)
2018-19 Young Athletes Diving Training Scheme Certificate

*Collection deadline as at 31 Mar 2019
**Please write an authorization letter authorizing other to pick up the certificate, if participant cannot collect the certificate in person.
Selection Trial of 2nd National Youth Games – Shanxi, China (Diving)
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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Ticket Reservation
2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Open and Age Groups Championships - Selection Results
Selection Results
Winter Deep Water Polo Championships 2019
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2018-19 Div.III Age Group Short Course Swimming Competition Part 2
Programme (Updated as on 25/1/19)

*Please submit the re-entry form no later than 3 p.m on 25 January 2019

Please note that there will be NO warm up session at competition pool in the morning session of the captioned event. The competition will be started at 0900 hours.
Hong Kong Novice Diving Championships 2019
Rules and Regulations

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Competition Schedule (Updated as on 5/3/19)

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