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Overseas Meet and Result Sanctioning
Jun 08, 2011 at 12:21 PM

1.      Unless swimmer has obtained prior sanction from HKASA to compete in overseas meets, otherwise RECORDS and results obtained in overseas competitions will not be recognized by HKASA.


2.      Swimmers who apply for meet sanctioning shall submit two weeks in advance including the application letter from swimmers’ respective club, meet information, programme and entry list to HKASA office. Those meets should conduct under FINA rules, electronic timing system and by current listed FINA officials Approved meet does not mean that results of which is recognized by HKASA, which is subject to the respective discipline Committee’s approval and compliance of the rules below.


2.1  Swimmers who apply for result sanctioning should submit two weeks in advance the Meet Sanctioning and Record Ratification Application Form, meet information and programme, entry list and application fee of $80 per event to the HKASA office. Application with competition results submitted within one month after the competition will be forwarded to the respective disciplines’ Committee for decision. Fee paid will not be refunded in any case.


2.2 HKASA shall only recognize results and Hong Kong Records make in Sanctioned NATIONAL/OPEN Overseas meets, conducted under FINA rules, electronic timing system and by current FINA listed officials.


‘Open Overseas meets’ shall be swimming competitions open to swimmers from all countries.


‘National Overseas meets’ shall be National Championships organized by the Nation’s Swimming Federation /or Association.


2.3 Swimmer who makes a new Junior/ AG records in sanctioned NATIONAL/OPEN overseas meets shall submit the official results with application fee of HK$ 300 of each event to ASA office within two weeks after the conclusion of Competitions. Special permission for deferral of the submission of results will be granted if apply in writing by clubs. Failing which, results shall not be recognized.


2.4 Swimmers who claim to break Hong Kong Record in Sanctioned NATIONAL/OPEN Overseas meet shall submit the completed Hong Kong Record Application form together with valid doping test report, the official meet results duly signed by the FINA referee with name printed, officiating the event to the ASA within two months after the conclusion of Competitions.


Hong Kong Record Application Form - Download